Types of fanfiction you can read

Fans actively shape the storytelling world of fanfiction, crafting tales that extend, reimagine, or transform original works. This vibrant arena features various types, each providing unique ways to explore and celebrate beloved characters and universes. Let’s delve into diverse types of fanfiction, spotlighting their distinct characteristics and appeal.

Regular Fanfiction: A Twist in the Tale

Regular fanfiction takes the established world or storyline of an original work and introduces twists or changes as the story unfolds. This type maintains the original universe’s core elements, like character personalities and major plot points, while introducing new scenarios that shift the narrative. Subtle changes in a character’s decision, unexpected events, or different outcomes of pivotal moments are common. These stories adhere to the source material’s spirit while injecting fresh perspectives and possibilities.

Recommendation: Splint by helenamarkos (Lord of the Rings)

Alternative Universe Fanfiction: A World of ‘What Ifs’

Among types of fanfiction Alternative Universe (AU) fanfiction pushes creative freedom further. Writers in this genre reimagine characters and settings in entirely different contexts or universes. This might involve placing medieval fantasy characters in a modern setting or creating a world where the original story’s main events never happened. AU fanfiction lets writers and readers explore ‘what ifs,’ enjoying familiar characters in new situations and genres.

Recommendation: Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man

Crossover Fanfiction: Blending Worlds Together

Crossover fanfiction brings together characters from different universes into a single narrative. This genre creates thrilling and often unexpected interactions between characters from separate stories. The key challenge and appeal lie in coherently integrating these universes while staying true to each character’s essence, offering an experience unavailable in the original works.

Recommendation: Amenaze by Alban55 (Naruto/Bleach)

Time Travel Fanfiction: Rewriting History

Time travel fanfiction offers a captivating genre where characters journey to different times, either within their universe or another. This genre allows exploration of ‘what could have been’ scenarios, with characters interacting with past or future selves or others. Fans seize this chance to rewrite history, create paradoxes, and delve into the impacts of time on characters and storylines. Time travel fanfiction often combines adventure and speculative fiction elements.

Recommendation: Harry Potter and the Ticket Backwards by viciousmouse

Romance Fanfiction: Exploring Relationships

Romance fanfiction is immensely popular, focusing on the romantic relationships between characters. Whether it’s bringing together characters who didn’t pair up in the original work, or further developing existing relationships, this genre delves deep into the emotional and romantic aspects of characters’ interactions. From sweet and innocent love stories to complex and mature relationships, romance fanfiction explores the myriad ways love can be portrayed and experienced.

Recommendation: Forever Captain by Breakinglight11

Self-Insert Fanfiction: A Personal Touch

Self-insert fanfiction, a personalized genre, features the author or an original character representing themselves in the original work’s world. This approach allows writers to directly engage with their favorite characters and settings, often leading to unique and imaginative narratives. Fans use this genre to experience their beloved universes firsthand, imagining their reactions and interactions within these fictional worlds.

Recommendation: A Magician In Gotham by Stranger

Types of fanfiction conclusion

Types of fanfiction span a vast array of genres and themes, each paving a unique path for creative expression and exploration. From time travel adventures to romantic depths and personal self-inserts, fanfiction’s limits are bound only by its writers’ and readers’ imaginations. These genres showcase the diverse ways fans can engage with and honor their favorite stories, characters, and universes.


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